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  • Devin Gackle

Songblog: I Let You

"I Let You" written by Devin Gackle, Summer 2015

I know it's been a while, but honestly I've just been lazy :)

"I Let You" was just a song that flowed. It's about a decision- that decision you make to let go, even when, maybe especially when, you don't want to. To do nothing, because doing something might make it worse.

We've all heard that phrase "if you love something, let it go." Personally, I disagree with phrase, and I think it's cause a lot of people some unnecessary pain, some of which is irreversible.

Yes, this song is sad, because that decision is hard. One of the hardest you'll ever make. Giving someone what they want, doing what they want, when it's not what you want, goes against the grain. We're human after all. But loving them enough to do it anyway- I think that's a test of your character.

Sometimes we do what we do simply as an act of love.

And doing nothing when you feel you should do something is one of the hardest things you might ever have to do. But you can't always get through to someone stubborn, and you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. The hard truth is they'll only see when they're ready.

It's hard, it's scary, and it hurts, but sometimes it's the right thing. If it is, you'll heal and be stronger; if it's not, then things will work out the way they're supposed to. Moving on in life is a sad thing. But if you stay positive about it, it can also be a good thing.

Otherwise, this song is pretty self-explanatory. What happens when you let things go is different for everyone- for me, I write songs.


You wanted to walk away and I let you

Despite the fact it caused me pain, I let you

What happens to me if I let you

Break the last promise you made to me, all that's left of you

You wanted to be alone and I let you

Despite the fact that left me on my own, I let you

What happens to you if I let you

Keep running away from everyone who loves you

I wanted to be with you but you left me

Despite the fact you wanted to be with me too, you left me

What happens to us if we let this be

Nothing more than something that used to be

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