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  • Devin Gackle

Songblog: Is It

"Is It" written by Devin Gackle, April 2015

April often makes us think of spring. And spring is often used as a metaphor for rebirth or renewal. So, I'm choosing songs this month that go along with the theme of "spring cleaning" in life. Whether you're in the process of moving on, letting go, starting afresh, getting rid of some literal/metaphorical clutter, taking on a project, or anything else, sometimes it takes springtime to get us moving.

This particular song, if you haven't guessed, is about a breakup. What may also obvious, is that the "I" in the song hasn't really moved on, and wonders if her ex still thinks of her.

This is where you start.

You realize you still replay the last days in your head. You see or experience something random and still wish that person was there to see or experience it with you. And when you realize this, you miss them more, until one day, you wonder why.

Why do you miss them? Why haven't you moved on? Yes, you've moved on with your life, but not from them. Because you didn't want to. But is that stupid? You didn't think so, but now you're not so sure.

This is where you re-start.

Yes, this is a sad song about missing someone. It's about remembering, while the other person stopped caring. And maybe that seems backwards, since I just said this month's songblogs are going to be about going forward.

But like I said: This is where you start.

You start in a place of missing and remembering, of loneliness, of emptiness, of longing and feeling lost. So that's where this song is starting.

And when you've had enough of that--that is when you re-start.


Is it sad that I still wear your old pajama pants

That I still have our picture on my wall

Is it wrong to want to go back to that night

When you asked if you could kiss me one last time

Is it bad that I want you to come back

That I still think that we were meant to have it all

Is it right to want to call you up

And ask if you've changed your mind about us

Why can't you see what I see is true

I don't believe this is what you wanted to do

Why can't you know what I know is right

What's in your heart that you can't find

Is it hard for you like is for me

Do you remember who we were before

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