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  • Devin Gackle

Songblog: Oceandust

“Oceandust” written by Devin Gackle, June 2019

I wrote this song on vacation, so needless to say, it’s about kicking back and relaxing.

I’ve never written a beachy, breezy song before, but I brought my ukulele to the beach with me and inspiration struck.

When you take a break and/or go traveling, it’s easy to let go of all that stuff that clutters your life and stresses you out. It’s easy to see things from a new perspective because you’re outside your life, outside yourself.

It’s also harder to remember that feeling when you return.

So this song is about beach vibes helping you chill out and live on island time, de-stressing and trying to remember it’ll be alright even after you go home.

I recorded this song outside to try to convey the idea of feeling vacation vibes at home; you may hear some loud critters and sounds of cars passing by - those sounds do interfere a little, and though I may or may not record a noise-free version at some point, for now I suppose all that noise is part of the point :)


Lay back for a little while

Waves at my feet

Just looking for sand and sun

This is all I need

Soak it in, just let it go

There’s no need for plans

All I want is timelessness

The ocean understands

And it’s all right for now

Yeah it’s all right for now

Take a walk, let the tide roll in

Feel the breeze on my cheeks

If all we are is oceandust

At least I know I am free

‘Cause it’s all right for now

Yeah it’s all right for now

When I go back I’ll try to remember

Everything that I have learned

All that I know is what really matters

Is this life we’re living, it cannot be spurned

But it’s all right for now

It’s all right for now

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