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I'm proud to say 3 of my poems were published in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue: The Witches (originally published in The Limestone Review), Busy, and Shatter the Moon. You can read The Witches on the site, but the other two are print only. If you'd like to buy a copy of this issue, click here.

In addition to my poems, 7 of my photos were also published!


I have a short story, "Escape from the Island of Mythical Beasts," published in the Longshorts app, a format where the characters tell the stories - through tweets! You can even follow the characters on Twitter!


I have a flash fiction story in Issue 18 of The Fable Online (2016.) Sadly, this magazine now appears to be defunct, but you can still read their publications on a publishing site called Issuu. My story is on pages 13-14.


I have three publications in Dime Show Review (2016.) Two are 10-word stories, "Obscure Job: Panda Hugger," and "Obscure Job: Golfball Diver"; the other is a poem titled "Remora."


My short story "How To Write a Song: The Personal Guide to Your Inner Songwriting Self" was published in volume 6.2 of Outrageous Fortune literary magazine (Spring 2015). And, it's online! So you can check out the whole story here: 




Note: The magazine did not publish the whole of Percy's completed song "Cannibal Hamster," therefore, I have provided it for you below:

Cannibal Hamster

You little furry creature you disgust me 
You’re creepy with those evil beady eyes 
I bet your brother thought that he could trust you 
When really it was a heaping pile of lies 

No there’s no room for cannibals in Heaven 
I hope your soul goes straight to hamster Hell 
I’ll get a cat to get you back 
He’ll eat your ass and vengeance will be swell 

You spastic little monster I freakin' hate you 
You’ve scarred my innocent eyes forevermore 
The image of your whiskers covered in blood 
Is burned inside my brain, now this means war 

Repeat chorus twice 
Oh I hope your ass goes straight to hamster Hell 

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