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  • Devin Gackle

Introducing My Songblog!

Quick introduction to the songblog thing: I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from. I’ve been writing songs for half my life, and I just started writing a blog this year; I considered doing a video blog because of my media studies major, but I wasn’t sure what I would talk about. I guess that’s when it hit me: I could share my songs. I have a lot of them. Way more than I will ever share (I don’t consider all of them to be audience worthy). But I also want them to tell stories. So as I go, I might share a song I wrote yesterday, or one I wrote several years ago. I think it will depend on my mood, but maybe also on the theme. Oh, and I can’t forget covers; there will be covers of other songs. Overall, I'll try to mix it up between my older stuff and my newer stuff.

I’ll tell you they lyrics, when and why I wrote it (or picked it, if it’s a cover), and what it means to me. Some might be longer than others because there might be a story behind them, but there are others that I just wrote and I’m not sure if they have a meaning—so determining the meanings of my songs will be interesting, and, I think enlightening. I write, and I perform, because words make a difference, and music makes a difference. If I can inspire someone, or have a positive influence on their life, even in some small way, I’ll have done my job as a writer and as a musician.

Not all the songs I write have to do with my life, so if you think you’ll get a glimpse into my personal life, you’re only partially correct. The weird thing is, sometimes songs I wrote years ago end up being a part of my life years later; I can’t decide if that’s scary or convenient. Maybe both.

But whatever my songs tell you about me, I hope they make you think, and tell you something about yourself, even if only a glimpse.​

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